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My name is Sacha Rendoth, and it is my absolute pleasure to support families, like yours, to sleep more soundly. As a mother of 4, certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and a registered midwife, I have over 11 years experience. 

With gentle and customised methods, to suit each child and each family, I work with parents to support them to teach their babies and children sleep rhythms that last. We work together to literally bring a settlement and flow to their relationship with sleep. 

Settle & Flow’s sleep programs will completely change your life and can help with areas such as confidence with self settling, understanding sleep regressions, and working towards sleeping through the night.

Our Sleep Consulting Services​

(0-4 Months)

I work with parents during this time to help set a foundation for sleep and settling that will support you as your baby grows and develops.

(3 - 20 Months)

I love working with babies and parents during this time, as babies are so responsive to change and learning new skills, including settling to sleep.

(20 Months+)

Working with toddlers and parents during this time, is so rewarding because not only do sleep habits change but so can how we parent.
Anna-Louise Graham
Anna-Louise Graham
9 May 2023
We are so happy we reach out to Sacha! Her personalised guide has transformed our daughters association with sleep. Highly recommend!
Althea Durieux
Althea Durieux
9 May 2023
I have a toddler that's almost 2 and she wasn't getting used to sleeping in her cot on her own so we approached Sacha for help and within the second day of the program, she was adjusted with ease. Sacha was informative and friendly to chat with and was also very prompt with any issues along the way. The guidelines were basic to follow and any set backs just required going back a few steps. I would definitely recommend!
Kristen H
Kristen H
17 April 2023
We have been delighted with our experience and highly recommend Sacha. We contacted her as we were having a lot of issues with our 8 month old’s sleep routine. We were spending on average about 1 and a half hours each night getting him to sleep, waking multiple times throughout the night, and only short naps throughout the day. Sacha came to our house and talked with us to get a better understanding of the issues we were experiencing and our aims moving forward. She gave us an easy to implement plan and the results were amazing. Our baby now naps consistently throughout the day and is able to self settle of evening. We are now able to get a good nights sleep again. Thank you Sacha.
5 April 2023
We contacted Sacha when we were at the end of our tether, after having months of multiple wake ups every night, fighting naps, and having to be fed to sleep. We were exhausted. Sacha helped us to tweak our routine, and gave us the knowledge and confidence to instill better sleep habits. Throughout the 2 week program we were amazed at how quickly our little one adapted, and are so incredibly thankful we found Sacha when we did. It was so easy to keep in touch with Sacha, she would always respond to emails promptly and be ready to answer any question. We are now having a full nights sleep and bedtimes & nap times are a breeze. We highly recommend Sacha.
4 April 2023
Sacha helped our 18 month old transition from being strictly breast fed to sleep to a self settling boy. He was waking 4-8 times on a given night and required milk to go back to sleep prior to Sacha. Now he sleeps through the night (10-11 hours without minimal to zero wake ups), incredible turnaround! She was able to give us tools to ensure we can continue our sleep success into the future. Thank you Sacha.
Michelle Foyster
Michelle Foyster
3 March 2023
Sasha is absolutely amazing! I had coslept with my son from birth and wanted to transition him to the cot at 11 Months and I had tried in the past unsuccessfully. I am amazed after a week, my baby is now sleeping in his cot and how easy is was with Sasha's guidance. Sasha tailored a plan to suit our family.
Jacqueline Walker
Jacqueline Walker
12 February 2023
Sacha helped us to change our baby's sleep routine at a pace that worked for us. Advice was realistic, achievable and Sacha was very patient despite a few hiccups with illness along the way!
Francesca Jaiyeola
Francesca Jaiyeola
7 February 2023
Sacha gave us simple and easy to implement strategies that looked at our whole day and weekly rhythm and within a few days we saw that these changes actually impacted the whole family in a positive way. We were dedicated to our plan for a solid 2 weeks and now months later our little one can still sleep through the night but most importantly with no breastfeeds! Thank you Sacha
Alana McLelland
Alana McLelland
13 November 2022
We were really impressed with Sacha! We had sent her a message and we’re pretty much at our wits end, up multiple times a night after nearly two years. She spent the time chatting to us and getting to know the situation and put in place an action plan for night one. The next day she called to check in and adjusted anything that didn’t work and reevaluated. We have dealt with a sleep consultant before and he barely any follow up communication or assistance. Sacha is super quick to respond and adjust the plan based on your situation and how your child is adjusting. After just a couple of tweaks we had a baby that was sleeping through the night for the first time ever, within a week. Super grateful for Sacha and her advice and her offer for further assistance. Would highly recommend!
Kayla Austin
Kayla Austin
19 October 2022
Thank you so much Sacha for all your help! Our almost 4 year old can now put himself to sleep in his own bed with minimal help - we were taking almost 2 hours a night prior to your help. Definitely recommend Settle and Flow Baby Sleep Consultant, even for those with toddlers and older children!

"5 Top Sleep Tips to Sleeping More Soundly"

Settle and Flow's Sleep Programs are:

  • Gentle and Gradual

  • Individualised, with step by step support 

  • Holistic – looks at the whole picture

  • Customised, to you and your baby

  • Effective – you will see changes in days

  • Non judgemental 

  • Caring and Understanding  (having 4 children myself)

  • Full of a Wealth of Experience 

  • Life changing

Needing Baby & Toddler Sleep Support

* Do you need help with teaching your baby to self settle, stop feeding to sleep, or getting through a sleep regression?
* Are you wanting a gentle sleep specialist?
* I can support you to help your baby sleep through the night and to settle to sleep on their own, with gentle sleep methods.
* I offer programs with tailored, easy-to-follow sleep plans, with daily support to help you every step of the way.

Chat to a Baby Sleep Consultant Now

* I work to gently and gradually support families with sleep
* We work towards your baby/child self settling to sleep with minimal wake ups overnight or sleeping through the night.
* My consultations and programs are over Skype or can be face to face in Brisbane, if preferred.
* Book a call if you are looking for a baby sleep consultant and would like to chat more about what I offer.

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Baby Sleep Consultant Brisbane

Settle & Flow is located in Brisbane, Australia. We are only a short 18-minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD. We support babies and families across Brisbane, Queensland and Australia. Our consulting sessions and sleep programs are offered in-person, through phone calls or online via Skype and Zoom.