About Me

Hello and welcome.

It is my absolute pleasure to share with you my many years of experience as a mother, midwife and certified sleep consultant.

Being a mother to four children has been a huge journey in itself and has offered me much learning and growth. I can absolutely understand what it feels like to have very little sleep and the frustration of having a baby or child who takes a very long time to settle at bedtime and then wakes up very often overnight. I can also say from experience how amazing it is to have a baby who easily settles for naps and bedtime and sleeps through the night. This is a snapshot of my journey of sleep with my four children.

It has allowed me to really know that every baby and child is so different and with that I bring a depth of lived experience to families I work with as a sleep consultant. I love uniquely supporting families and tailoring the sleep program to what is needed for your specific baby or child; whether it be sleeping through the night, self settling, or stopping feeding to sleep; just to name a few goals you may have.

As a midwife I have worked with many women through the vulnerable times of pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. It is such an intimate and amazing time in a woman’s (and man’s) life. Working on this level with women, couples and families brings true understanding to what is involved in the process of bringing life into this world (whether its for the first time or the fourth) and this comes through in my work as a sleep consultant.

I look forward to supporting you to become your own baby whisperer.

With love



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