Client Reviews

I just love sharing my 10 years of experience with other parents whilst helping their children to sleep more soundly. It really is amazing how quickly changes can take place with the right support. Some of my client’s experiences are below:

Aleks and Martin, with Róisín (9 months)

As second time parents we thought we got this, but our 9 month daughter Róisín was nothing like our son at that age. She catnapped only in our arms, protested every time we put her in the cot, woke up every 2-3 hr in the night, on top of all that it took us 1 hour to resettle her. In two weeks we went from that to this: Róisín settling to sleep on her own (in less than 10 minutes); sleeping 10-12 hr straight (with the ability to self-settle if she wakes up); napping independently and for longer. I discovered Settle & Flow by accident, and it was the most fortunate accident ever! From the first email I sent to Sacha to the last call, I felt guided by a professional and by a friend. Sacha’s 2 week program is a complete life-changer! 

Jane, with Hudson (7 months)

When I first contacted Sacha I was feeling exhausted, broken, and could barely function everyday from such little sleep. My 7 month old had never slept longer than 2-3 consecutive hours since he was born. Sacha listened to all of my concerns & troubles, and created a personalised sleep guide for my son that matched my parenting style perfectly. Within just 48 hours my son went from 1-2 hourly wakes and breastfeeding all night long, to sleeping 10 hours straight in his cot. I couldn’t believe it! A few months down the track and things are still going wonderful. My son is so much happier because he’s getting the sleep he needs and I have my energy and sanity back. I wish I’d reached out to Sacha sooner! She is so thorough, helpful, supportive and understanding.


Holly and Sam, with William (6 months)

One word…lifesaver! As second time parents, we thought we knew all the tricks when it came to sleep. However William was very different to our first son! We can not be more happy with the results and support from Sacha. She very calming in her approach which put us at ease and gave us confidence to stick to the plan. Within 3 nights we had gone from multiple wakings and feeding to sleeping through. For 6 months I was walking up to 5 hours a day to just get William to nap but by the end of the 2 weeks, he was sleeping for long naps in his cot and I could just put him down and walk away. I would not hesitate to recommend Sacha to any parent that needs some support with sleep! Thank you so much Sacha!

Roxanne, with Mila (9 months)

My baby started waking up every 30 mins to 1 hour when she turned 8 months old. We went to sleep school in the hopes that she would sleep better after. It was frustrating because after sleep school, my baby was still waking up every 30 mins to 1 hour. I used to co sleep and my baby learned to sleep in the crib after sleep school but didn’t really learn to extend sleep cycles. That’s when I was desperate and asked for Sacha’s help as I was exhausted and tired. Sacha assessed my baby and respected where we were at after sleep school. She followed through and helped me slowly help my baby learn to sleep on her own and self soothe. I didn’t think my baby would learn how to sleep through but if it’s not because of Sacha’s daily help, I don’t think we will reach this far! Thank you so much Sacha!
From a mom who is finally getting a solid 8 hours sleep at night.


Courtenay and Sam, with Harvey (15 months)

I came into the program very anxious and worried about my baby’s feelings and you put my mind at ease. Your knowledge and encouragement really helped us to get through the hard parts. I really needed a softer approach and you allowed me to do this while still achieving a fantastic result. Our son now doesn’t need to be resettled through naps and sleeps through the night most nights. I never thought this would happen for us. You have us back our sleep and mum and dad can actually have time together. Thank you!!

Krystal and Chris, with Maverick (13 months)

Engaging in your services was an absolute life changer. We couldn’t be more thankful for Sacha’s help, she made us realise that it wasn’t teething or hunger keeping our little boy waking multiple times a night. She helped us both understand the importance of self settling and how much better off we could be with a good night’s rest.  We put in the hard work with Sacha’s advice, guidance and support. The first 3 night’s were tough and then he just started to wake less then eventually started sleeping through the night, a month on he sleeps 12 hours straight most nights, has cut down his bottles from 5-7 to just 1 or 2. He always goes down easy at night without a fight and we get “us” time from 630-7pm every night. I am so glad I went ahead with Sacha, it was definitely worth every penny!!


Vicky, with Lydia (2yrs and 7 months)

My 2years and 7month old baby girl who had been self settling since 10months old in her cot suddenly went through a growth spurt and decided she wasn’t sleeping in her cot anymore and would flip herself out. From there on she would need me to hug her to sleep which would take up to an hour and then wake up 2-4 times a night to check that I’m still there each night. This was not sustainable especially with a newborn. I had tried 2 other sleep consultants however they said she was at a tough age as she’s out of a cot for safety but doesn’t quite have the mental capacity to stay in her bed and couldn’t help till she was a bit older. Luckily I found Sacha who had a lot of practical advice and being a mum herself was empathetic to my situation where I didn’t want to let my daughter cry it out. She had a program and it did take some time but I’m so pleased with the results. The thing I like most working with Sacha is that she tailors the program so I felt comfortable with it and she was highly supportive and empathetic as you go through the program. My daughter now goes to bed and I say good night, walk out of her room and close her door. She’s slept through the night though still occasionally wakes up to find me but I expect with enough time she will settle down and sleep more through the night. I highly recommend Sacha and her program and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.

Chris & Kelsey, with Hudson (8 months)

Before the sleep program we were running on no more than 2-3 hours in a row of sleep. Sacha quickly calmed our worries about implementing a sleep program and within 2 weeks our baby was able to self settle himself to sleep and also tell us when he was ready for naps. I never thought I would have a baby I could put into his cot and say good night to. Sacha was there with us throughout the program and answered each and every question we had. Having the frequent check ins really helped us to get the most out of the program and help our son be able to develop this new skill. We felt very supported throughout. Sacha is warm, approachable and easy to talk to. She made us feel we could do this from the very start. I haven’t stopped telling any one I meet who has a baby that isn’t sleeping through the night about Sacha and her program. If you are reading this because you aren’t sure you can do a sleep program or unsure if you need one, you do and you should give it a go.Thanks so much for all your support with Hudson’s sleep and to us as well. I honestly never thought we would get to where we are and feel so confident in helping Hudson calm himself to sleep without resorting to feeding or rocking all night.


Emily and James, with Silas (14 months)

Before I found Sacha, my son Silas was waking 3-6 times a night, this was taking a huge toll on my sleep and just recently finding out I was pregnant again I knew this needed to change but I had no idea where or how to start. Sacha gave us all the tips and tricks we needed and with her constant guidance, after the 2 week period Silas is sleeping through the night! I can’t recommend Sacha enough!

Eloise and Chris, with Jack (9 months)

We reached out to Sacha absolutely sleep deprived and without hope that we and our son would ever sleep again. Her constant support and thorough knowledge has changed our lives! We are all sleeping again! Our son wouldn’t sleep unless I was holding him and would wake 5+ times a night. Now he’s taking good long naps in his cot and better than ever at night.
I really can’t thank you enough. Our life has changed completely.


Kate and her husband with their son (6 months)

We arrived at Sacha’s door step (so to speak) exhausted and nearly broken. Our baby was waking up multiple times at night wanting to be fed and the only way to get him back to sleep seemed to be to comply. Thankfully after just the first session Sacha supported us to understand that feeding to sleep was not helping our baby have good quality sleep, and in fact it was even contributing to the frequent waking. She then guided us through two weeks of sleep training, where we taught baby how to put himself to sleep. It was a game changer. Now our 6.5 month old sleeps a solid 9 hours straight most nights, and goes down for naps without any sleep props; goodbye dummy! Was it easy? No. but was it worthwhile, absolutely. And with Sacha in your corner it is totally doable. Her emotional strength and authority around babies is a welcome relief for tired parents. She is never far away (even though we did it all over skype and phone!) and had lots of suggestions along the journey. For my next baby I certainly won’t be waiting so long before getting support! Thanks so much Sacha. Kate (Sydney)


Briony and Cam, with Vivian (11 months)

We were at our wits end with sleep, having tried everything we could think of. We always had an excuse for poor sleep – teething, developmental leaps, daycare etc, but it never seemed to get better. We had an almost 12 month old who would only contact nap during the day, and would wake 4-6 times overnight. We were both exhausted and it was starting to impact every aspect of our lives. We reached out to Sacha because her approach resonated with our goals and values. I was very hesitant at first, but with her wonderful support I was able to overcome some significant fears and hesitations around sleep training. We saw some really fantastic improvements within a couple of days, but then our little one got sick. Sacha was, again, very supportive of us pausing the program while we managed this. We emerged after 2 weeks and were able to progress with amazing results. Now our daughter takes independent naps during the day in her cot, and is sleeping through more often than not. She is far happier during the days, and we have noticed she is much more engaged and content in everything we do. She even takes 2 naps at daycare now! We are all so much happier, and, most importantly, confident in our approach to sleep and parenting. Sacha has been an amazing support throughout the entire process. I cannot recommend her program highly enough. Thank you so much!


E and S with their daughter (15 months)

At eight months old our little girl was still waking four or more times a night, catnapping throughout the day, and only settling by feeding. We had tried sleep books, phone consults and a variety of routines but were unable to find anything that was effective, sustainable and nurturing. By the time our daughter was 15 months we were all desperate for more solid sleep – her included. We tried Sacha’s approach and instantly had results. She taught us how and when to respond to our daughters cues and enabled us to feel empowered in an area where we feeling completely lost as parents. By the third night we were all sleeping through the night, which was a huge relief. What’s more, we have gained so much joy from seeing our daughter’s true personality shine through now she’s no longer overtired from broken sleep. Sacha is thoughtful, caring, wholistic and structured in her approach. We found her routine super easy to follow and it got us quick results.

Emily and Tom with William & Evelyn (6 months and 3 years)

I recently signed up to Sacha from Settle and Flow’s sleep program. I have a 3 year old who was taking more than 2 hours to settle and go to sleep with us sitting in the room with her. And a 6 month old that was cat napping for 10-45 mins three times a day and waking every 2 hours through the night. Myself and my husband were so exhausted. Sacha is such an incredible support. What I loved about this program was that Sacha came to our home, supported us with our rhythm as a family with an individually tailored plan for each child. She worked so beautifully with both of the kids, my husband and myself without the strict traditional “cry it out sleep school mentality” that people so often complain about! With 4 kids of her own, she could totally relate to our experience and the patterns we were experiencing. She had a wealth of knowledge to draw on which has been so helpful.

Since having Sacha’s support, our baby is settling himself and sleeping for 2 – 3 hour stretches, 2 to 3 times during the day. And only waking once or twice at night. We can now leave the room before our daughter is asleep and it only takes her about 20 mins to fall asleep by herself and she sleeps from 7:30pm to 7am.

It has changed our whole life. We have a happy content little baby who’s not whinging to be held every time we put him down, we are less anxious about what he needs, less overwhelmed overall and have so much more time for my toddler during the day. And in the evening, my husband and I even have time for a cup of tea and hang out together without the kids! Oh, and extra bonus.. more sleep for all of us! It’s been so great and cannot recommend it highly enough.


Jacquie and Dylan, with Sebastian (4 months)

Sacha was always very professional and knowledgeable so we felt reassured the
program was going to work from the beginning. We felt Sacha could relate to what we were experiencing, especially with her midwifery background and four of her own children. Sacha was encouraging, supportive and very understanding of our concerns. During the follow up period we always felt listened to and Sacha reassured us and helped us stay consistent whilst providing suggestions along the way.  Our greatest challenge were naps; it was taking 30mins for us to put Sebastian down for a nap by rocking or patting. Since doing the program, Sebastian now self-settles for his naps usually on his first put down and rarely needs to be picked up, which has taken the stress out of naps at home and given us more time.


Sara Jean and Simon, with Florence (7 months)

My 7 month old needed to be rocked to sleep with a hand towel over her eyes, dummy in her mouth and arm tucked in, in a sleeping bag. It was not viable in the long run and I needed my baby to learn to fall asleep by herself. Sacha listened to our issues and was very patient in spending time to draft out what our strategies were. It was a challenging process but it was comforting to know that Sacha was with us every step of the way. Her methods and strategies were not harsh which was what I was against. She gave me the confidence to teach my baby to learn to fall asleep by herself. I just wished I did this with my firstborn as well. I have since recommended Sacha to a few of my mummy friends in similar boats.


Jordan and Brad, with Jamie (11 months)

Big thank you to Sacha!Before seeing you it Jamie took over an hour to get to sleep and he would wake up and stay awake for hours at night, at random times. I was exhausted and so was he!With your program most nights now he is asleep by himself within 5-10mins. If he wakes up at night we can put him back to sleep a lot easier. He even sleeps through the night, not all the time yet, but he never slept through the night before the program. We found the program was suited to Jamie’s needs and wants. The communication was excellent and Sacha was great to work with. We are very thankful for the program. Perfect timing too, the week we finished the 2 week program I found out I was pregnant. Will use everything I learnt with the next one!


Elizabeth and Daniel, with Michael (17 months)

The program has been super supportive for us. Since completing the week with Sacha, our bedtime schedule for our youngest son is becoming a lovely part of his day. We learnt a lot about how simple supporting a baby with sleep is. We’ve discovered he’s very capable of going to sleep with our support, but without needing us to be holding him for hours  and that he actually now has a great sleep just about every night. We discovered how simply a child can learn to settle themselves.

Mahli and Karl, with Freddy (7 months)

We felt like we were slowly falling into some bad habits as a result having more and more broken sleep through the nights, combined with catnapping through the days. We were a bit lost as to how to help our almost 7 month old. After our program with Sacha we are all having much more consolidated sleep! Our baby is happy and content in his cot, and often needs no help to happily fall asleep. Thank you Sacha!