Ready to Have More Sleep….with One to One Support 

People often ask or have an underlying concern that ‘sleep training’ in general, involves ‘crying it out’. What I share with my clients about crying; is, that for babies, it is one of the main forms of their communication and expression. In my experience, it is not necessarily the crying that is the issue, but rather how we support the crying and the understanding we bring to the baby or child during these times. As part of this I do not ask you to leave your child alone to cry or ignore their cries. 

You are an amazing dedicated parent but you and your baby or toddler are not getting the sleep you need.

  • You have tried everything and nothing is changing
  • You are treading on eggshells around every bedtime and nap time
  • You have no quality time with your partner
  • You cannot comprehend going back to work feeling so exhausted
  • You are pregnant and already so exhausted with the thought of losing anymore sleep (of the little you have)

Your next steps to having more sleep…

Step 1 – Book a 15 minute sleep evaluation call with me, so we can chat about your current sleep struggles and how I could support you all to have more sleep.
Step 2 – Once we chat, I will send you an email with details of my 2 Week Sleep Support Program and you can go over it with your partner.

Step 3 – If you decide you would like to work together – simply reply to the ‘My Program’ email and I will send you  a detailed questionnaire to fill out.
Step 4 – We will book a time for your initial sleep consultation and I will complete your customised sleep plan.
Step 5 – Choose a night to start your 2 Week Program, have 1:1 support and accountability, (the key to making change) and enjoy having more sleep.

Working with Settle & Flow 

  • You will have the insight, understanding and experience of a Certified Sleep Consultant, Mother of 4 and Registered Midwife, supporting you each step of the way
  • You will gain confidence with sleep and parenting once again
  • You will feel like a completely different person after just 2 weeks (usually in a few days)
  • You will have more sleep, more time and more space  – every single day
  • You will wonder why you didn’t get support sooner

(0-4 Months)

I work with parents during this time to help set a foundation for sleep and settling that will support you as your baby grows and develops.

(3 - 20 Months)

I love working with babies & parents during this time, as babies are so responsive to change & learning new skills, like settling to sleep.

(20 Months+)

Working with toddlers and parents during this time, is so rewarding because not only do sleep habits change but so can how we parent.


This package is for those parents & families who have worked with me in the past, but are looking for a “refresher.”

Let’s Chat  – Book a FREE 15-minute sleep evaluation here.

We can talk specifically about your sleep struggles and unique situation and I can answer any questions you have.

Sibling Discount

20% discount for each additional child, within the same family